January 4-5, 2011    Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA
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For the eighth year the Storage Visions™Conference made industry awards at the 2011 event.

The Winners were:

The winner of the 2011 Art of Storage award was Hitachi LG’s LifeStudio Mobile Plus portable hard disk drive

A special Founders Award for Meritorious Service was given to Mr. Andy Marken of Marken Communications for his tireless support of the Storage Visions Conferences.

Visionary Products Category:
NVELO’s Dataplex software was awarded the Mobile Consumer Electronics Storage award.
The Home Consumer Electronics Storage award was won by the Micron Real SSD C400.
The award for Home Entertainment and Access went to Western Digital for their TV Live-Hub.
The new Enabling Storage Component Award was won by Intel for their Solid State Drive 310.
The award for Professional Media and Entertainment System went to the Silverdraft Mobileviz (with Micron Technology).
The award for Professional Media and Entertainment Storage was given to the XenData X1500 LTO-5 Video Archive System.

Visionary Company Awards:
SanDisk was given the Visionary Mobile Consumer Electronics Company award for innovative storage for storage and products for consumer applications.
Toshiba was given the Visionary Home Consumer Electronics Company award for storage intensive consumer applications and storage.
The award for Visionary Media and Entertainment Company went to Imation for storage RDX external storage cartridge products supporting professional media and entertainment applications.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists of the 2011 Storage Visions Awards and thanks to all the companies that submitted products, as well as the award judges. The choice of winners of the various awards was difficult due to the number and excellent quality of the submissions.


One of the prior year awards on display:

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