January 6-7, 2013    Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Speaker Opportunities

Speaker submissions for Storage Visions® 2013 are now closed. If you have been selected as a potential speaker you will be notified directly.

For speakers the complete speaker package as a Word® document can be accessed here.

Also for speakers Slide templates as a .ppt file may be downloaded here and as a .pot file here.

Conference Sessions and Topics
The conference sessions are still being put together and reviewed by the advisory committee for the 2013 conference. We are interested in suggestions for topics and sessions that are timely, stimulating and especially, visionary. There will be several speakers who will be keynote speakers at the conference including Morning and Afternoon Keynote speakers, and Session Keynote speakers. Click here to see the 2012 Conference Agenda for reference.

To Get Involved
Please contact Tom Coughlin at (408) 978-8184 to let us know of your interest. You can send email to Info@StorageVisions.com.



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