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Chairpersons Message

Tom Coughlin                                     
Tom Coughlin, Conference Chair

Storage With Intense Network Growth (SWING!)

Storage Serving Every Need, Everywhere

Storage World

 Imagine gliding effortlessly from application to application in your data center and around the world with your partner hardware and software anticipating your every move.  Imagine a collaborative process that spans space and time with creative moves that leave you breathless with their dexterity and passion.  This is the promised vision that connected storage makes possible.  New storage technologies, software and architectures are changing the way we do everything and bringing new powers to everyone.  Some of these major trends are object storage and the cloud, including new file access to cloud storage, new ways of archiving and finding information among vast arrays of data, continuous data creation by sensor networks, user generated content and social networks, support for higher resolution content and content viewed from a number of screens, each providing a unique perspective.  There are many new tunes that will guide the intricate dance of storage technologies of the near future.  These new rhythms and cadences are why the 2015 Storage Visions Conference is about SWING!


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