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Keynote Speaker: Jeff Qin, Capacity Management Engineer, Facebook

TITLE: Facebook Storage Infrastructure: Past, Present and Future

Facebook’s most valuable asset is its user data. This data is growing big and growing fast. In this talk, we will share our experience on how we have scaled our storage infrastructure to make our users data available anytime and anywhere, while keeping the cost low. We will also share with the industry how we can scale our storage capacity while controlling costs even better with advanced technologies, such as Blu-ray storage libraries.

Richard Mark Soley
Keynote Speaker: Michael Lee, Director of Testbeds, Industrial Internet Consortium

TITLE: The Industrial Internet: Opportunities, Disruptions & Standards

The Industrial Internet represents a $32 trillion opportunity that will impact 46% of the world’s GDP. By applying “Internet thinking” to industrial settings, the Industrial Internet is enabling companies to predict, control and create systems that produce significantly better outcomes. Yet with an estimated 99 percent of things in the digital world remaining unconnected, the world is at the proverbial tip of the data iceberg.

The continuous streaming of massive bits of data from connected devices and machines requires new thinking in the way this data is collected, stored, shared and analyzed. This session will focus on the scientific and engineering opportunities and challenges of the Industrial Internet on industrial infrastructure and digital storage requirements. Dr. Soley will introduce the work of the nonprofit Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) to identify, prioritize and recommend the standards and data storage & security requirements necessary for the rapid adoption of technologies that enable the Industrial Internet.

Zack Deiri
Keynote Speaker: Zack Deiri, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Enterprise & Data Storage, Samsung Semiconductor

TITLE: Storage:  An Historic Shift in Data Center Thinking

Today, data centers are being inundated with demands to accommodate a wealth of big data and an exponentially greater need to store large volumes of information for longer and longer periods of time. This growth is occurring in the midst of steady movement toward virtualization, cloud architecture and software-defined networks.
We will review the latest advancements in flash-based SSD technology, including NVMe PCIe and V-NAND SSD technology, and how they will impact the future of storage design. We also will explore why Samsung is ahead of the curve in the historic shift in data center storage that is enabling much higher performing and more power-efficient storage than hard disk drives.
We will take a close look at why In-Memory computing is changing the entire memory industry thanks in large part to NAND flash. In-Memory computing is enabling the rise of real-time analytics, which is allowing businesses to begin to manage their day-to-day operations in real-time.

Shawn DuBravac
Keynote Speaker: Shawn DuBravac, Ph.D, Chief Economist and Senior Director Of Research, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®)

TITLE: Digital Destiny: How the new age of data will change the way we live, work, and communicate

Most people perceive the digital age as simply the accumulation of sleeker and more powerful gadgets. But our understanding of the digital age is narrow, because we are still in its infancy. The explosion of digitized data, which grows by orders of magnitude every year, has unleashed forces that will upend our world in the realms of economics, health, travel and culture. In his keynote address, DuBravac will discuss trends in the consumer technology industry and explore how digital data will solve many of mankind’s most ancient problems, create new challenges and transform life as we know it.


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