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2016 Storage Visions® Awards Finalists

Award Finalist

Finalists for Visionary Products Awards: 

  • Aspera Files
  • Avid Isis 1000
  • DDN WOS 360 v 2.0
  • HGST Active Archive System
  • Marvell 88NV1140/88NV1120 DRAM-less NVMe controller
  • Panasas ActiveStor 18
  • Primary Data DataSphere platform
  • Quantum Xcellis Shared Workflow Storage System
  • Samsung SSD 950 PRO 512GB NVMe M.2 V-NAND SSD
  • Samsung SM863 Enterprise SSD
  • Solidfire All Flash storage system
  • Spectra Logic ArticBlue


Finalists for End User Awards:

  • Backblaze Backup and Cloud Offering
  • Montreux Jazz Digital Project using HGST Active Archive
  • Telefonica using Caringo FileFly


Visionary Products Awards

  1. Mobile Consumer Storage: Mobile personal storage and systems utilizing onboard digital storage featuring small packaging, shock resistance, remote access and low-power usage.
  2. Home Consumer Storage: Advanced development of digital storage devices and media used in domestic consumer electronics systems.
  3. Enabling Storage Technology: Visionary components and software technology enabling next generation consumer and media devices.
  4. Home Entertainment: Innovative use of digital storage in the home environment or to support home access to personal or commercial content.
  5. Professional Class Systems: Systems using digital storage technologies supporting the media and entertainment industry.
  6. Professional Class Storage: Advanced development of digital storage technologies, devices and media used by the media and entertainment industry.

Visionary End User Awards

These awards recognize end users with innovative storage solutions for real world problems. These solutions can be for any purpose where digital content is created, distributed, preserved or archived including transaction and database processing, medical image storage, content delivery, post production, content capture and archiving and digital preservation and other uses. There are three awards:

  1. Visionary High Performance Storage Application
    This award recognizes the innovative use of storage solutions for high performance applications.
  2. Visionary Content Storage Application
    This award recognizes the innovative use of storage solutions for storing large amounts of content, either locally or in the cloud.
  3. Visionary Archiving or Digital Preservation Application
    This award recognizes the innovative use of storage solutions for digitizing and preserving content and/or for long term archiving.

Visionary Company Awards

A special award in three categories will be presented to firms that have shown extraordinary dedication to the development and support of the show theme:

Advancing the state of the art in storage technologies utilized in consumer electronics, enterprise applications, and to service firms that support those businesses. Categories for this most coveted award include:

  1. Consumer Electronics
  2. Professionald and Enterprise
  3. Services and Support

The Art of Storage Award

The Art of Storage -This award recognizes innovations in design for customer ease of use and good industrial design in digital storage applications, storage media and digital storage devices. The award also recognizes appealing and clever aesthetic features in digital storage applications, devices and media.

Important Information concerning the Awards

The Storage Visions Conference Awards are presented to firms that advance the state of the art in storage technologies utilized in consumer electronics, and in the media and entertainment industries, and to service firms that support those businesses. For consideration as an award finalist company, if not a sponsor or exhibitor, at least one person from a finalist company must be a paid participant in Storage Visions® 2016.

The awards presentation for SVC 2016 will be conducted at the Las Vegas Luxor on the evening of Monday, January 4, 2016.

A panel of industry experts and journalists will serve as judges. For each product category, the judges will give priority to the product/service or company’s role in fulfilling the vision of a digitally-connected universe of products and services. For complex products, judges may require access to physically inspect and review a demonstration by a company representative or designee. When possible, samples of products are useful for the judging.

Finalists will be notified via e-mail no later than December 21, 2015. Winners will not be notified prior to the official awards ceremony and press conference. During the ceremony the evening of January 4, 2016, winners will receive their awards.