January 8-9, 2012    Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Our 2012 Presenters

Ken BradyKeynote Speaker, Ken Brady, Director of Technical Operations, Turner Studios

Kevin Conley
Keynote Speaker, Kevin Conley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Client Storage Solutions, SanDisk

Mary Yurkovic
Mary Yurkovic, Createasphere

Bang Chang
Bang Chang, SeaChange International

Bob Herzan
Bob Herzan, Rorke Data

Alex Grossman
Alex Grossman, Active Storage

Michelle Munson
Michelle Munson, Aspera

Tom Leyden
Tom Leyden, Amplidata

Randy Chou
Randy Chou, Panzura

Hossein ZiaShakeri
Hossein ZiaShakeri, SpectraLogic

Michael Willett
Michael Willett, Samsung

Ben Thiel
Ben Thiel, Micron

David Duncan
David Duncan, Imation

Aidan Herbert
Aidan Herbert, Wave Systems

Jorge Campello
Jorge Campello, Hitachi GST

Michael Willett
Michael Willett, Samsung

Chris Bross
Chris Bross, Drivesavers

Dave Reinsel
Dave Reinsel, IDC

Stephen Baker
Stephen Baker, NPD Group

Sergis Mushell
Sergis Mushell, Gartner

Jeff Janukowicz
Jeff Janukowicz, IDC

Jim Handy
Jim Handy, Objective Analysis

Kris Kubicki
Kris Kubicki, Dynamite Data

Kristen Hopper
Kristen Hopper, Micron

Kevin Silver
Kevin Silver, NVELO

Lux Anantharaman
Lux Anantharaman, iTwin

Doreet Oren
Doreet Oren, SanDisk

Roy Sherrill
Roy Sherrill, Datalight

Jim Pappas
Jim Pappas, Intel

Mike Fitzpatrick
Mike Fitzpatrick, Toshiba

Paul Wassenberg
Paul Wassenberg, Marvell

Touhid Raza
Touhidur Raza, Intel

Andy Parsons
Andy Parsons, Pioneer Electronics

Harry Mason
Harry Mason, LSI

Marty Czekalski
Marty Czekalski, Seagate

Ted Stanford
Ted Stanford, FlashSoft

Matt Pahnke
Matt Pahnke, Netgear

Maverick Choi
Maverick Choi, Samsung Semiconductor

Bob Raymond
Bob Raymond, Oracle

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Our 2012 Sponsors


2012 Sponsors

Digital Storage Book

Dr. Tom Coughlin is the Distinguished Author of "Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics" and the Founder and Chairman of the Storage Visions™ Conferences.  

Tom Coughlin








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If you attended the conference and wish to access the presentations, please go to the Agenda and click on View this Presentation

If you missed the conference and wish to purchase presentation access please go to our Products page

The Storage Visions® 2012 Conference Theme:


Come and Help Us Celebrate Our 11th Anniversary with Many New Initiatives, Events and Prizes!

BE Where Digital Storage Converges with Content Creation and Delivery!

JOIN CEO’s, Industry Leaders, manufacturers and end users at Storage Visions 2012!

FIND HOW Digital Content will be Created, Protected and Stored from the executives, analysts and professionals at the forefront of Digital Technology!

SV 2012 explores the convergent needs of digital storage to support cloud content distribution and sharing, user generated content capture and use and professional media and entertainment applications.

The 2012 Storage Visions Conference continues its focus on future storage visions. In 2012 we focus our attention upon the debate between local storage and on-line or cloud storage, especially in an age of increasing high resolution content. This leads to our theme of: Heavy Storage for Thin Clients. With ever higher resolution and even stereoscopic content being created commercially as well as by consumers we ask where this content will be stored and who has responsibility for organizing it and protecting it.

As always we welcome discussions of storage devices and the developing hierarchy of storage for both professional as well as consumer content applications. The incessant demand for digital storage in more places and applications is creating new requirements and new storage devices to meet these requirements as well as creating new opportunities to combine existing storage technologies together in new ways. Where ever we go we will need storage and Storage Visions is where you can find out about that need and the devices, systems, services and software to meet those needs.


What industry leaders say...

"It was well executed with cutting edge presentations from industry leaders." Andy Higginbotham, President, PriceG2, Inc.

I get more information from the real movers and shakers at Storage Visions than I get at the whole CES. It's like a private seminar because of the people and the size.” Charles Azar, Instant Replay

“"Storage Visions is the focal point for all storage technologies. Leading manufacturers and users of all storage types - magnetic and optical disk, tape, flash, and other special storage technologies - come together every year to share new products and new approaches to using that technology. It's always an eye-opening experience." Jim Handy, Principal Analyst, Objective Analysis

“The Storage Visions Conference is an excellent place to find out about the use of digital storage for the professional media and entertainment market including content creation and distribution as well as its use in consumer products.” Tom Inglefield, Director Product Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Oracle

"Storage Visions is a highly targeted conference that provides computing and IT professional a valuable venue to network and keep abreast on the latest in storage trends and technology."
--Justin Sykes, director of SSD marketing for Micron Technology

I was impressed with the technical content and the number of attendees at the Conference” Jon Anderson, Storage Industry Veteran

"Storage Visions was honestly one of the most well put together conferences I have attended both from a technology and networking point of view. Truly a rare combination. All of the panels were incredibly relevant and in some cases eye opening. I loved all the different views people brought to the table regarding the direction of the industry."--Scott Holewinski, Gillware

"Storage Visions brought together key decision makers in storage, computing and IT and offered a number of valuable and timely presentations. Armed with knowledge from the sessions and the many great demo's and exhibits, attendees can return to their organizations to investigate and deploy effective storage solutions."
   — Brian Berger, Chair, Trusted Computing Group, Marketing Work Group and Executive Vice President, Wave Systems.

“Across the show floor, attendees can see the increasing array of consumer electronics products that incorporate digital storage. Storage Visions will help our attendees and the consumer electronics industry at large better understand and take advantage of this trend and the overall content value chain.”
   Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association

Many Changes Lie Ahead...

The coming decade will see new storage architectures developing including home storage virtualization, cloud and remote storage as well as new models for mobile storage. As in the past, new storage technologies will help to spawn new applications to allow people to capture and enjoy more of their world, more or their everyday experiences and share it with others. We will develop new tools to capture and organize our lives, we will see more content created by more people and more ways to distribute, monetize and make that content useful. From cloud storage to life-logs, from external direct attached and networked storage to the increasingly high resolution content that we will surround ourselves with wherever we go—we live in an age when the personal and collective memory of humans will reach new levels.

Our Distinguished Conference Advisers for 2011 are:

Brian A. Berg, Berg Software Design
Steve Canepa, IBM
Jim Cooke, Micron
Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
Ron Dennison, Research Development Consultants
Bryan Ekus, Media-Tech
Guy Finley, MESA
Joel Hagberg, Toshiba
Jim Handy, Objective Analysis
Don Harwood, OCZ Technology
Thomas Inglefield, Oracle
Subodh Kulkarni, Imation
Tets Maniwa, Media and Entetertainment Tech
Andy Marken, Markencom
Melissa Perenson, PC World
Jim Porter, DiskTrend
John Rydning, IDC
Kevin Silver, nVelo
Clyde Smith, Turner Broadcasting System
Robert Thibadeau, Wave Systems
Dennis Waid, Peripheral Research
Paul Wassenberg, SNIA/SSSI
Michael Willett, Samsung
Troy Winslow, Intel
Tadashi Yogi, Consultant
Mary Yurkovic, Createasphere

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