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Maximizing Content Value with Artificial Intelligence


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Keynote Speakers for 2017 are:

Tim Long
Tim Long, Director, Enterprise Data Science, Micron Technology

Manufacturing Smart with Data Science

Micron is a world leader in memory solutions that transform how the world uses information. However, to remain a leader, innovation must reach deeper than new product design. Manufacturers must innovate internal operations, creating smart factory processes driven by data and algorithms.

In this presentation, Tim Long, Micron’s Director of Enterprise Data Science, will discuss Micron’s advancement to smart manufacturing (also known as Industry 4.0) and share projects that have helped Micron to improve customer satisfaction, achieve faster yield maturity for new products by 25 percent, and increase overall factory output by 10 percent.


Mark Pastor
Mark Pastor, Director, Solution and Product Marketing, Quantum

Maximizing Content Value with Artificial Intelligence

Every organization is experiencing explosive data growth and much of that growth is driven by increasing amounts of video and audio content being captured and stored. But with growing content stores comes a need to sift through all the content to understand what has been captured and ultimately how to generate value from it. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a powerful solution for automating and accelerating the analysis of video and audio content to help organizations maximize the value of that content. With richer metadata about audio and video content, organizations can create new intelligence based workflows, more media based offerings, or improved business metrics. Advertising, video production, legal discovery, education, call centers, politics, retail, and security are just examples of the many emerging use cases that are taking advantage of context-based search and discovery tools.
Quantum will explain how the integration of AI with on-premise storage enables organizations to apply cognitive analytics to video and audio content and generate much more robust metadata without the cost and hassle of moving their media libraries to the cloud. The company will describe an economical approach that allows users to take advantage of object recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), transcription and other analytical processes to extract new value from content already maintained in on-premise storage and any new content as it is captured.


Jim Pappas, Director of Technology Initiatives, Data Center Group,Intel

What’s In-Store For Storage

The rise of the digital economy is good news for digital storage. Although our future is definitely a cloudy one, there are a number of significant trends emerging that will likely have important implications on our industry. Find out “what’s in-store for storage” and how to capitalize with smarter storage system solutions.


Irshad Raihan, director of product marketing, Red Hat

Container Native Storage for the Hybrid Cloud

Containers and hybrid cloud are impacting the way enterprise storage is consumed. The line between storage and applications has blurred. Storage must adapt.

Hear from Red Hat about how close we are to the vision of storage as a service - where storage is deployed, managed, and scaled like an application.


Scott Miller, Technology Fellow for Engineering and Infrastructure, DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation Taps Modern Scale-Out Storage to Accelerate Its Digital Content Pipeline

Behind the flying dragons and dancing trolls are the combined talents of DreamWorks Animation’s award-winning engineers, filmmakers and artists. Together, they collaborate to create the tools needed for one of the most complex digital manufacturing processes in the world: making a computer-generated (CG) animated movie.

In order to meet the demands of the studio’s digital content needs, DreamWorks Animation relies on solutions such as HPE Apollo servers and Qumulo Core for a flash-first hybrid storage architecture that is more performant and scalable. Keynote speaker, Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow for Engineering and Infrastructure at DreamWorks Animation will explain how the studio found a solution to keep pace with the vast amount of small file data generated from animation rendering workflows.


Previous Keynotes have been by Leaders from:


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Industrial Internet Consortium
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