Memory Centric Computing and Visionary Storage Hardware at the 2017 Storage Visions Conference


--Focusing on digital storage for unstructured data--


San Jose, CA, October 5, 2017—The 2017 Storage Visions Conference (SV 2017). will be held Monday, October 16, 2017 in Milpitas, CA ( The conference will feature a panel on memory centric computing and a session on visionary storage hardware.


The 2017 Storage Visions Conference theme is “New Visions for Digital Storage” and the conference will bring together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet the growing demand for digital storage for all aspects of unstructured and lightly structured data.  Speaker, Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are now available and registration is open as well.   Registration is available at: Following is information about these two sessions.


Bringing Compute to the Data

Moderator:  Jim Handy, Objective Analysis


Over the entire history of computing data has resided in storage and memory, and has been summoned to the data processing element as it is needed.  Today the industry is discovering that the movement of Big Data to the processor consumes inordinate power and incurs significant time penalties.  This panel, featuring leading companies who address this issue, will discuss their current efforts to move compute to the data to save power, accelerate processing speed, and even improve scalability, in order to greatly enhance the cost/performance of tomorrow’s computers.



·         Kurtis Bowman, Gen-Z Consortium

·         Thad Omura, Scaleflux

·         Bharadwaj Pudipeddi, NVSL Tech

·         Frankie Roohparvar, Xitore


Hardware Visions for Ubiquitous Storage and Memory

Session Sponsor:  Sony

Moderator:  Jean Bozman, Hurwitz


Emerging non-volatile solid-state storage technologies are set to replace or supplement DRAM in many applications.  New fabric technologies will enable fast network storage using NVMe devices.   Flash memory is moving to more and more 3D layers with three-level cells and four-level cells capable of reducing the costs for flash memory and driving its use.  At the same time, HDDs as well as magnetic tape and optical storage are getting faster.  Find out about the latest in storage devices and networking in this exciting session.



·         Amit Bakshi, Teledyne

·         Michael Johnson, Sony Optical Archive

·         Radoslav Danilak, Tachyum

·         Chet Mercado, SCSI Trade Association, WD

·         Chris May, Spectra Logic



·         Andrew Klein, Backblaze

·         Eden Kim, Calypso


About the Storage Visions Conference

In the next few years vast quantities of data will be generated and will need rapid analysis to be useful.  This data will come from digital healthcare, genomics, the Internet of Things, Big Science, Artificial intelligence, manufacturing as well as cloud and fog computing.  The 2017 Storage Visions Conference will help businesses, IT professionals and data scientists understand the digital storage solutions that will make them successful in this new world.


In addition to the sessions, there will also be five keynote talks during the conference and a sponsored reception in the evening.  The agenda for the Storage Visions Conference is at  


Intel and Quantum are Diamond Sponsors, Red Hat is a Platinum Sponsor, Sony is a Silver Sponsor, SATA-io and Komprise are Bronze Sponsors and Active Storage, Cloudian, Easyco, Newisys and SwiftStack are exhibitors.  Media and Organization Sponsors include Active Archive Alliance, Broadcast Beat,, Bright Blue Innovation, CIOReview, City of Milpitas, Colonial Purchasing, Coughlin Associates, Digital Cinema Society, Enterprise Services Outlook, IEEE-CNSV, DCIA, Entertainment Storage Alliance, Flash Memory Summit, HDDFA, Media and Entertainment Tech, SNIA, SNIA SSSI, St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, and the Trusted Computing Group


A limited number of sponsorships and exhibits opportunities are still available for the 2017 Storage Visions Conference. Several levels of conference, web site and event sponsorship are available as well as table-top exhibits.  Information on the sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available at


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