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San Jose, CA, October 23, 2017—The 2017 Storage Visions Conference (SV 2017) was held Monday, October 16, 2017 in Milpitas, CA (www.storagevisions.com). 358 people registered for the event that featured insightful sessions and cutting-edge exhibits.  39% of attendees were director level or higher.  24% were engineers.


The 2017 Storage Visions Conference theme was “New Visions for Digital Storage” and it brought together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet the growing demand for digital storage for all aspects of unstructured data


The 2017 conference features keynote talks by Dreamworks, Intel, Quantum, Micron and Red Hat.  Following are some highlights from the conference keynotes:


Tim Long from Micron spoke about their use of AI and connected devices to drive the next generation of semiconductor manufacturing, version 4.0.  This new type of factory can predict failures and organize servicing of manufacturing equipment using deep learning of die defects.  They use 250 60 TB servers with 15 PB of non-volatile memory to process this data and model factory production flow.  The result has been a 25% improvement in yield ramps and 10% higher factory throughput with a 35% reduction in quality events.


Mark Pastor from Quantum said that 80% of the world’s data is unstructured and that 87% of that data is from audio and video sources.   He said that by 2020 95% of video/image content will not be viewed by humans.  The use of AI for this content will efficiently and swiftly distribute cognitively-enriched, time-correlated, and playable media clips internally or externally, dynamically change the content of audio and video media based on audience demographics and other correlated data in near real-time and create automated summaries and/or highlight reels of the video content based on scene detection, specific people, and motion within the video.


Jim Pappas from Intel spoke for Carol Wilder, who couldn’t attend.  The presentation pointed out that we need to re-think data center architecture with a systems approach and pools of compute as well pools of as hot, warm and cold storage.  IoT will be a big driver of storage and compute.  A single autonomous automobile can generate 10 TB of data a day.  Much of this data is processed locally within devices or in the fog, with aggregated results sent to the cloud.  AI methods such as deep learning will be a key way to make this data useful.  This will require low latency and fast data pipes and staggering growth in edge and data center storage capacities and new memory technologies such as NVMe and Optane.


Irshad Raihan from Red Hat spoke about container native storage for the hybrid cloud.  We are moving to what he called an #Unstorage model using open source software defined storage rather than traditional proprietary storage. The move of content to the public cloud (public data centers) has resulted in a new type of lock-in where data is early moved to the cloud but expensive to move out of the cloud.  Red Hat thinks the future will lie in the move to local enterprise Devops and microservice oriented storage services.  Storage in “containers” behaves more like an application than traditional storage.  This approach makes it easier to dynamically scale and manage storage assets and helps lead to a true Storage as a Service (SaaS) tying together hybrid cloud and on-premise open source storage.


Skottie Miller from Dreamworks said that a complete 90 minutes, 130,000 frame rendered movie can be 350 TB in size and involves 10,000 processing cores and 80 M CPU-hours of processing.  This can generate 500 million files.  This results in 100’s of assets and elements for each character and can include over 1,000 control points (e.g. there were 4,500 control points on animated dragons).  There can be 20-30k textures in one scene.


Intel and Quantum were Diamond Sponsors, Red Hat was a Platinum Sponsor, Sony was a Silver Sponsor, SATA-io and Komprise were Bronze Sponsors and Active Storage, Cloudian, Easyco, Newisys and SwiftStack were exhibitors.  Media and Organization Sponsors included Active Archive Alliance, Broadcast Beat, Productionhub.com, Bright Blue Innovation, CIOReview, City of Milpitas, Colonial Purchasing, Coughlin Associates, Digital Cinema Society, Enterprise Services Outlook, IEEE-CNSV, DCIA, Entertainment Storage Alliance, Flash Memory Summit, HDDFA, Media and Entertainment Tech, SNIA, SNIA SSSI, St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, Storagesearch.com and the Trusted Computing Group


About the 2018 Storage Visions Conference

The 2018 Storage Visions Conference will be held in October 2018 and will feature the leaders in digital storage technology and applications.  Please go to www.storagevisions.com to get the latest information on the 2018 conference.


The Storage Visions Conference is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance (www.entertainmentstorage.org) and Coughlin Associates (www.tomcoughlin.com).  Storage Visions is a registered trademark of Coughlin Associates.

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