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Persistent Memory and NVMe Is Session Focus at the 2017 Storage Visions® Conference


--Focusing on digital storage for unstructured data--


San Jose, CA, September 4, 2017—The 2017 Storage Visions® Conference (SV 2017). will be held Monday, October 16, 2017 in Milpitas, CA ( A session focusing on solid state storage and its use in enhancing business, with participation by leaders in the industry, will be part of the conference.


The 2017 Storage Visions® Conference theme is “New Visions for Digital Storage” and the conference will bring together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet the growing demand for digital storage for all aspects of unstructured and lightly structured data.  Speaker, Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are now available and registration is open as well.   Following is information about the Persistent Memory and NVMe Session.


Solid State Memory and Storage Visions

Moderator:  Brian Berg, Berg Software Design

Solid state memory technology is enlarging our visions of the future of storage and memory applications.  NVMe enables fast storage unhindered by legacy HDD interface standards.  NVMe over Fabrics is extending these standards to create new levels of systems connectivity.  Persistent Memory, such as DIMM-based flash memory enables the movement of content closer to processing.  New computing and network architectures will carry this further, enabling memory-centric processing.  Emerging memory technologies are enlarging the tiers of solid state storage for consumer, client as well as enterprise applications.  Participating in the session will give you a solid foundation for how these advances enable your business.



·         Jim Pappas, Intel

·         Rob Peglar, Symbolic IO

·         Rakesh Cheerla, Xilinx

·         Luca Bert, Seagate



·         Rick Kumar, Newisys

·         Rob Davis, Mellanox


About the Storage Visions® Conference

In the next few years vast quantities of data will be generated and will need rapid analysis to be useful.  This data will come from digital healthcare, genomics, the Internet of Things, Big Science, Artificial intelligence, manufacturing as well as cloud and fog computing.  The 2017 Storage Visions® Conference will help businesses, IT professionals and data scientists understand the digital storage solutions that will make them successful in this new world.


In addition to the sessions, there will also be five keynote talks during the conference and a sponsored reception in the evening.  The agenda for the Storage Visions® Conference is at   Conference registration is now using the link at:


Intel and Quantum are Diamond Sponsors, Red Hat is a Platinum Sponsor, Sony is a Silver Sponsor, SATA-io and Komprise are Bronze Sponsors and Active Storage and Cloudian are exhibitors.  Media and Organization Sponsors include, Bright Blue Innovation, CIOReview, Colonial Purchasing, Coughlin Associates, Digital Cinema Society, Enterprise Services Outlook, IEEE CNSV, DCIA, Entertainment Storage Alliance, Flash Memory Summit, HDDFA, Media and Entertainment Tech, SNIA, SNIA SSSI, St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, and the Trusted Computing Group


A limited number of sponsorships and exhibits opportunities are still available for the 2017 Storage Visions® Conference. Several levels of conference, web site and event sponsorship are available as well as table-top exhibits.  Information on the sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available at


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