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Sessions on NVMe and NVMe-oF as well as Classic Storage at the 2018 Storage Visions Conference


--Conference theme is Thriving in the Data Apocalypse --


San Jose, CA, October 11, 2018—Experts will be talking about NVMe and NVMe over Fabric as well as HDDs, SSD and magnetic tape at the 2018 Storage Visions Conference.  The conference will be held October 22-23, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA (  The agenda for the Storage Visions Conference is at  You can register for the conference at:


Following is information on these two sessions.


Outrunning the Tsunami—NVMe and NVMe-over Fabric create opportunities


NVMe and NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) provide storage and network interfaces built upon the performance capabilities of solid state memory.  As a result SSDs with NVMe interfaces provide data rates and latencies that are close to that of the underlying memory technology.  NVMe fabrics provide new storage network options that provide remote memory access and higher performance than older network technologies based upon hard disk drives.  This session explores the capabilities of today and future NVMe technologies and how they can be used to improve your data center performance and ROI.


Session Sponsor:  SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative

Moderator:  Nick Adams, NVM Express and Intel



·         Nishant Lodha, Marvell/Cavium

·         Kais Belgaied, Newisys

·         Saqib Jang, Chelsio Communications

·         Rob Davis, Mellanox



·         Eden Kim, Calypso


Epic Battles with Classic Heros—Flash, HDDs and Tape slay data challenges


Moderator:  Jean Bozman, Hurwitz


Find out about the latest developments in flash memory, hard disk drives and magnetic tape.  Flash is moving into many markets that HDDs have dominated but HDDs and magnetic tape are still playing important roles in long term storage.  This session explores the battle of the road maps for what technologies will help us meet the challenges of an ocean of data needing analysis and action. It will also look at the emerging hierarchy of memory and storage that will dominate the future memory/storage landscape.




This two-day conference and trade show bring together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet growing demand for digital storage for the coming data tsunami.  In addition to the sessions there will also be keynote talks during the conference.     


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Xilinx is a Platinum Sponsor, Aparavi,, FileShadow, SATA-IO and SNIA SSSI are Bronze Sponsors.  Newisys (Sanmina) and NGD Systems are Exhibitors, Driver Trust Alliance is the reception sponsor, Tachyum is a session sponsor and Keep It Safe is a Break Sponsor.  Media and Organization sponsors include: Active Archive Alliance, IEEE-CNSV, IEEE SCV CE Chapter, IEEE SCV Magnetics Chapter, Coughlin Associates, Digital Cinema Society, Digital Production Buzz, Doodle news, Drive Trust Alliance, Entertainment Storage Alliance, FCIA, Flash Memory Summit, HDDFA, Parks Associates, Home Toys, LOCKSS, M&E Tech, NVM Express, Objective Analysis, OFA, PASIG, Paradigm Shift AI, RDC, RLA, STA, SNIA and the SNIA SSSI.


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