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Andy Steinbach to give Keynote Talk at the 2018 Storage Visions Conference


--August 20 is Speaker Submission Deadline--


San Jose, CA, August 15, 2018—The 2018 Storage Visions Conference (SV 2018) announces that Andy Steinback, formerly from NVIDIA and CEO and Founder of a Deep Learning Startup, will give a keynote talk. .  The conference will be held October 22-23, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA (  The preliminary agenda for the Storage Visions Conference is at  Speaking submissions can be made at:


Andy’s talk is titled:  Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Ramifications.  The talk abstract and biography follow:


Abstract:  This will be remembered as the decade that AI achieved the predictive power of primary sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Modern AI is now able to make to make projections with unprecedented accuracy across a huge number of domains. This is accomplished by using data to learn true underlying mechanisms for each bespoke problem, mirroring the way sciences and engineering are based upon foundational theories, such as quantum mechanics for physics, the periodic table for chemistry, and DNA/RNA for biology.


This talk presents a technically-inspired explanation for newcomers of how the recent breakthroughs in AI enable this capability, how they are being used, and shows that there will be a generational-level revolution in the coming decades. Numerous application examples demonstrate these new AI techniques, and how they are transforming domains such as manufacturing, medicine, financial services, cybersecurity, retail and online marketing, and even physical sciences.


We cover how Big Data is the fuel of this new AI, allowing enterprises to tap more deeply into the knowledge locked in their data, in ways often not possible with traditional data analytics. We peer into the future implications for data storage, revealing likely secular trends that will emerge, driven by this revolution shaping the way data is utilized by future enterprises.


Biography:  Andy Steinbach is a device physicist, with a PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, working on quantum electronics technology that was the precursor to devices now used in quantum computation. After an NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Paris, Andy designed high-speed III-V optoelectronic semiconductor devices for JDS Uniphase.

Most recently Andy turned his focus to Artificial Intelligence as Senior Director of AI in Financial Services at NVIDIA Corporation, and founding the team driving transformative application of AI in microscopy at Carl Zeiss as a Senior Director.


Earlier in his career Andy directed technology teams overseeing the product definition, strategy, and execution of some of the world’s most advanced applications of technology, including: the highest spatial and elemental resolution microscopes in the world, solutions for atomic resolution of catalytic processes, 3D CT of multi-phase fluid flow, and novel materials for application of superconductivity to next generation supercomputing. During this period, he worked for Intel, KLA-Tencor, FEI Company, and Intermolecular.


Andy is currently working on launching a startup applying AI to enterprise applications that will emerge very shortly from stealth mode.


The seventeenth annual Storage Visions Conference theme is “Thriving in the Data Apocalypse” and the conference will focus on digital storage to deal with the exploding demand to support applications such as Finance, General Business, IoT, AI, media and entertainment and big data.  Speaker, Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are now available.


This two-day conference and trade show bring together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet growing demand for digital storage for the coming data tsunami. 


In addition to the sessions there will also be keynote talks during the conference and a sponsored reception in the evening of the first day.     


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